Stellar Impact

  • An innovative gameplay base on positiong and maneuvers.
  • A deep tactical and strategic content.
  • Up to 12 players in a single battle.
  • 2 faction with a strong graphical identity.
  • 5 unique spaceship classes
  • Find the best skills combinations to eliminate your oppnents and support you allies.
  • 13 battle maps and various game modes.
  • Tons of equipments and weapons to loot.
  • Manage the experience of your crew members to aquire new talents.
  • Support the development of Stellar Impact!

9,99 €






Artillery ship


Description :
The artillery ship is able to provide a great fire support during long-range engagements. It is also very good to weaken tight formations of enemy ships. The weak point of the artillery ship is the close engagements.

  a. Fusion shell
The ship launch a shell with the power of the sun in a defined area.
  b. Barrage fire
The artillery ship increases the rate of its super heavy cannon for a short time.
  c. Gauss shell
The ship firing a shell dealing heavy damage on a specific point.
  d. Nanites shell
The artillery ship firing a shell dropping billions of nanorobots dealing damage to the structure of enemy ships in the area.
  e. Targeting support
The super heavy cannon of the artillery ship becomes extremely accurate for a short time.


1,49 €




The Carrier


Description :
The carrier is a heavy ship acting as a mobile base to deploy squadrons. Its various squadrons grant him lots of tactical possibilities at wide range combat.

  a. Fighters squadron
The ship creates a squadron of several fighters dealingimportant area damages to the opponents.
  b. Bombers squadron
The carrier creates a bombers squadrondealinghuge damages on a target.
  c. Assault ships
The carrier sends an assault ship squadron filled with marine to sabotage the system of an enemy ship.
  d. Drone
A stealth recon drone is sent to reveal a large zone around him.
  e. Tactical bomber
The carrier sends a tactical bomber load with a devastating Armageddon bomb.


1,49 €




Support ship


Description :
The support ship is specialized in the construction of support structures. This ship allows you to reinforce themap controlbycreating impregnable strongholds.

  a. Repair outpost
The ship creates a structure capable of repairing friendly battleships around.
  b. Stealth field generator
The ship creates a structure for the allies to become stealth.
  c. Defense Turret
The ship creates a defensive structure capable of firing rockets at enemies in range.
  d. Mine
The ship creates a stealth mine inflicting enormous damages on nearby opponents..
  e. Heavy tower
The support ship builds a heavy turret fit with a strong shield generatorand dealing huge damages.


1,49 €